Bacon wrapped hot dog

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Once nightfall hits (usually after 11p Fridays and Saturdays), the bacon wrapped hot dog carts start making their appearance.  Often found either in the Mission area or on Mission around 4th to 8th St, these carts are not made equal.  The carts are usually operating illegally without a permit so they do change locations, but following the smell will lead you to your happy ending. 
There's a reason why these hot dog carts come out during drinking hours.  No one in their right mind would eat one of these greasy, fat filled dogs during the day.  That being said, after a couple drinks these dogs make for a satisfying end to a sometimes tumultuous night.

Bacon wrapped hot dogs from a cart - #87 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
I'm not one to eat either mayo or ketchup on hot dogs, but you MUST get these bacon wrapped hot dogs with everything!  Everything means jalapenos, mayo, ketchup, mayo, and grilled onions.  Its one sloppy, greasy bite after another, but just resist getting another one.  Trust me you'll regret it in the morning. 

Address:                       bacon wrapped hot dog cart
                                      Mission St.
                                      San Francisco, CA
Type:                             late night eats/hot dog

Popular chomps:           bacon wrapped hot dogs with everything

Chomp worthy:              bacon wrapped hot dogs with everything

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