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The cold weather that has been creeping into the city has me starting to search for soup spots.  I've begun to notice that the first sign of the fall/winter weather I start to crave for hot pot.
This all you can eat hot pot is $23 on the weekdays and $26 on the weekends.  Compared to the a la carte costs at Little Sheep, this is a better bargain.
When I was a kid hot pot only had 1 flavor.  I thought that Little Sheep (see post HERE) was genius having two partitions in their pot,  but now The Pot's adding their spin with THREE soup options in one pot!  From left; clockwise (curry, spicy, and congee).  My favorites in order:  spicy, curry, and congee.  The congee was good, but the rice ended up burning halfway through the meal.  
From bottom left; clockwise:  green onions, cilantro, garlic, hot sauce.  Herbs and spicy additions for their house made sauce to dip your meats and vegetables in.
The Pot's housemade sauce looks like soy sauce, but it has a little sour aftertaste.  I'm more of a purist and I don't usually use the sauces in hot pot especially when the broths are so flavorful.
Wonton stuffed with cheese, shrimp balls, and fried stuffed tofu.  I didn't think I would like the stuffed cheese dumplings, but the cheese was perfectly gooey and not overwhelming at all.
Enoki mushrooms
The thing slices of lamb are a must for me when I have hot pot.  The meat tasted delicious with both the spicy and the curry sauce.
beef slices.

Fried tofu
Beef with red wine.  Surprisingly good.
Fresh shrimp.  As with all fresh shrimp, only a small amount of cooking time is needed.
I thought the fish portion would be one or two small slices, but it ended up being a pretty good size portion. 
fried bean curd, shrimp balls, and Shanghai dumplings
Since one of the soup broths was a congee, I decided to try the Chinese donut.  Even though it was late at night, the Chinese donut was crispy and perfect for dipping.
Tripe.  Delicious with the curry broth.
Sausage.  I've been to hot pot many times in my life and this was the first ever I've seen spicy sausage.  Just ordered it for kicks and it was a nice change from the usual sliced meat and seafood.
I always have the hardest time figuring out which Chinese vegetable is what and what its English translation is.  I was aiming for Napa cabbage, but somehow I ended up with Romaine lettuce.  This is the first I've seen of Romaine lettuce in a Chinese restaurant much less a hot pot place.  The lettuce wilted quickly in the broth and I found it to misplaced.
Sliced lotus root.
Udon noodles.  These were really good with the curry broth.
Rice vermicelli noodles.  The noodle option for me that signals the end of a hot pot dinner.

Address:                    The Pot's
                                   2652 Judah
                                   San Francisco, CA
Type:                          Chinese/soup

Popular chomps:        curry broth
                                   spicy broth

Chomp worthy:          curry broth
                                   spicy broth
                                   cheese stuffed dumpling
                                   fresh fish    

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