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I'm a little ashamed to say I've never had Roy Choi's ever so famous Kogi truck.  Since his rise to stardom, he's created a couple other restaurant/food truck that are scattered all over Los Angeles.  Going with the same Mexican-Korean fusion theme, Roy Choi created Chego.  Chego started off as a restaurant, but they seem to be having some issues for quite a while now and have set up shop in a food truck right outside the parking lot of the restaurant.
I couldn't decide between the Chubby Pork Belly Bowl or the Beef T bowl.  Pork belly or hot chili fried rice with prime rib?  Pork belly won over.  It isn't soft and scrumptious like most pork belly.  It has a meatier texture that I wouldn't categorize as a pork belly characteristic.  The kochujang coated  kurobuta pork was still yummy.  Again, the topping just amazes me.  A mix of pickled radishes, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija and peanuts makes for a different flavor in each bite.  The fried egg doesn't hurt either.

The ooey gooey fries are beer battered and extra crispy.  They are topped with a mix of sour cream sambal, monterey jack, cheddar cheese, cotija, chilies, cilantro, and pickled garlic.  Not exactly Korean, but not really Mexican either.  It's not your ordinary nacho topping.  The explosion of Mexican and spicy flavors was a fusion combination, I've never tasted before.  Delicious and messy, its one of those dishes you just want to get dirty with.

I had high hopes for dessert with the Sriracha bar.  A firmer rice crispy treat with caramel and spiced candied peanuts wrapped in a Sriracha ganache.  Besides that I couldn't taste the Sriracha flavor at all, the bar itself was too hard to enjoy.  I was over it pretty quickly after the disappointing first bite and discovering there was zero Srirarcha flavor.

Address:                 Chego
                                3300 Overland Ave.
                                Los Angeles, CA
Type:                       Korean/fusion

Popular chomps:     chubby pork belly bowl
                                 tres leches cake
                                 beef T bowl
                                 3 PM Meatballs
                                 ooey gooey fries

Chomp worthy:        chubby pork belly bowl     

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