Bhan Kanom Thai

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Thai snacks and desserts are made fresh at Bhan Kanom Thai.  Plus they are open till midnight!  Unfortunately, the Bay Area doesn't have anything close to this unless you count Sundays at the Thai Temples (see post HERE). 

I love all things coconut and Thai snacks do not disappoint with the coconut flavoring.  The kanom krok are tiny glutenous mini spheres with a coconut pudding center.  My favorite dessert of my sweet treat haul.

Pan chi aka taro cakes.  These purple tinged mini cakes are made specially for coconut lovers.  Made with shredded coconut, taro, and flecks of yellow corn, this sweet, chewy snack is griddle to create a thin crust, almost like mini latkes.

Kanom bueang look like mini tacos.  They have a sweet flavor and a salty flavor.  The sweet flavor has a persimmon center and the salty has a shrimp flavor.  To me, it looks better than it tastes, but for a couple dollars its worth a taste.

Address:                  Bhan Kanom Thai
                                 5271 Hollywood Blvd.
                                 Los Angeles, CA

Type:                       Thai/bakery

Popular chomps:     kanom krok
                                 pang chi
                                 kanom buang (crispy pancake)
                                 mango with sticky rice 

Chomp worthy:        kanom krok      

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