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It took me two tries to make it to FuseBox.  After finally announcing that they are open on Saturdays for lunch, the first attempt at eating here happened to be one of the days FuseBox was closed for the owner's daughter's soccer game.   

FuseBox's KFC are so delicious.  They don't look like much, but they have a light crisp crust that surrounds the moist, juicy chicken.  The sauce is slighly spicy, but not too much.  The best item here.

From top left; clockwise:  pickled shittake mushrooms, pickled daikon, pickled kale, kimchee bok choy, spicy cucumbers, and kimchee cabbage.  The panchan here varies.  I looked over and noticed that other diners had a different variety of panchan.  Besides my usual favorite of cucumber kimchee, I really liked the bok choy kim chee.

The bap with pork belly came with rice and the skewer of peas.  The pork belly was a little dry.

The bap came with pea skewers.  A little too oily, but the peas were fresh and tasty.

I had high hopes for the Tokyo Po'Boy.  I'm not sure what type of bread they use, but it was too chewy and didn't taste fresh.  After being very impressed by their KFC, I was surprised that the fried chicken in the sandwich was soggy and flavorless.  The sweetness of the slaw overpowered the whole sandwich.

Freshly fried beignets with a side of ginger flavored cream for dipping.  The beignets were tasty, but they were denser and chewier than real beignets.  Normally, I stay away from anything ginger flavored, but the ginger flavored cream had the perfect touch of ginger flavoring.

Address:                    FuseBox
                                   2311 A Magnolia St.
                                   Oakland, CA

Type:                          Korean

Popular chomps:        beignets 
                                    bacon wrapped mochi
Chomp worthy:           KFC   

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