The Yellow Submarine

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Today was one of those days when you just feel like a sandwich.  I always walk by this sandwich spot and swear to myself I will remember to check out their sandwiches one day, but never remember (okay, I have a lot of those). 

The potato salad had the perfect amount of mayo, which is not a lot, but just enough to get all the potato chunks to stick together.  
The sandwiches are ginormous.  Almost as large as Ike's, so the smallest size (medium) is good enough for two people to share.  Steak and cheese sandwich is one of the more popular sandwiches here.  Thinly sliced beef with your choice of cheese (American, swiss, or provolone), (I chose American), along with everything (Mayonnaise, Mustard, Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, Oil, Vinegar, Hot Sauce).  Everyone seems to rave about their house made hot sauce, but I couldn't really taste it so I'm not sure if they forgot to put it on mine or I should ask for extra next time.  The sandwich was pretty delicious, even though I didn't taste any hot sauce.  The only thing is the cheese got lost in the meat so next time I would ask for extra cheese.   

Another popular sandwich here is the hot pastrami.  Usually I find that hot pastrami is a little too salty for my taste, but the thin, chopped up pieces of meat were more flavorful than salty.  Not the best pastrami I've had, but not bad either.
Sidenote - While waiting for my order, I noticed that on the menu avocado is listed under sandwiches.  I debated if that meant avocado with (insert a meat here).  Apparently, it meant an avocado sandwich!  How awesome!  Let's face it, the only reason why anyone gets any sandwich that has avocado in it is purely for the avocado.  The Yellow Submarine eliminates all the other stuff! Will be back for that one.

The fries are cut in thin slices, like potato chips, but not as thin.  Crispy on the edges, but a soft middle so you can taste the potato goodness.

Address:                The Yellow Submarine
                               503 Irving St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      sandwich

Popular chomps:     fries
                                hot pastrami
                                steak and cheese
                                homemade hot sauce
                                pepper steak sandwich
                                add avocado 

Chomp worthy:       fries
                                steak and cheese

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