Kirimachi Ramen

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Kirimachi Ramen is a little farther and outside of my normal radius for lunchtime eats, but I had been meaning to tackle this ramen spot with hopes of discovering at least 1 good ramen spot in the city.  The location of this ramen joint is random.  It's in right in the middle of North Beach's strip clubs and bars.  It's odd, but I've scoured more random areas for food. 

The menu at Kirimachi Ramen.
The shoyu ramen intrigued me since it was made with Sun Marin Farms chicken broth.  This is one of the few times I've seen ramen advertising their use of local ingredients, but that's the norm on menus in San Francisco.  Toppings include bamboo shoots (my favorite!), green onions, bean sprouts, fishcake, and mushrooms.  The broth was light, but too light for my taste in that it lacked much flavor.  Pretty unmemorable bowl of ramen, except for the chewiness of the noodles and the runny inside of the slow cooked egg. 

The tonkatsu ramen had a nice, rich color to their both.  Toppings include slices of pork, fishcake, slow cooked egg, green onions, bean sprouts, and mushrooms.

Address:                   Kirimachi Ramen
                                  450 Broadway St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         Japanese/ramen

Popular chomps:       soft boiled egg
                                   kuro ramen

Chomp worthy:          soft boiled egg     

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