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This LA trip I promised myself I check out LA's budding coffee scene.  I'm no stranger to lining up for a good cup of coffee (Ritual, Blue Bottle), but the line and wait for a cup of coffee here topped even that.  A good 5-10 minute circle to look for parking, which didn't exist.  The only option was a valet parking around the corner.  So a 10 minute parking search plus another 20 minute wait in line to get to the register, and another 10 minutes wait for my coffee to actually be made.

I paid the most I ever thought I would ever pay for a cup of coffee - $5.  Limu Union, Ethiopia with flavors described as kiwi, chocolate covered cherry, and lime spritzer.  I'm not sure if I tasted any of the flavors in my coffee, but it was some of the smoothest, tastiest coffee I've ever had.  As a Blue Bottle and Four Barrel coffee lover, I almost hate to admit this coffee might be better than SF coffee.  

Address:                 Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
                                3922 W. Sunset Blvd.
                                Los Angeles, CA
Type:                       coffee

Popular chomps:     pour over coffee

Chomp worthy:        pour over coffee      

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