The Original HoyKa Hollywood

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With my trip to Thailand last November still lingering in my mind, I was feening some good Thai food.  All my trips to LA and I've never explored Thai Town, which consumes a massive number of blocks in Hollywood.  My original Thai restaurant choice of the night closed their doors on me 30 minutes before closing time so thank goodness The Original HoyKa Hollywood was close by.
One thing that is lacking in Bay Area Thai food is the SPICYNESS!  I'd heard from multiple sources that Thai food in LA does not mess around.  Challenge accepted!

The metal tin box that holds all the utensils reminded me of Thailand.

Just in case of things were too spicy, I armed myself with Thai Ice Tea to soothe any extra spiciness.  I rarely get Thai Ice Tea, but this one was sweet without being too sweet.  Delicious.

Crispy pork with Chinese broccoli over rice.  I added an egg, which ended up not being runny enough for my taste.  The pork was flavorful, but some pieces were a bit too tough.  I've had better.
All the dishes I ordered were medium spicy, but the spice level was a good "hot".  Spicy enough to sting your mouth, but I could still enjoy the flavors of the food.  Although I didn't use any tissues to blow my nose so maybe I venture another spicy level up next time.  Still a lot spicier than most places that I order "Thai spicy".
A lot of people seem to really like the namesake soup here - the HoyKa noodle soup.  A choice of either chicken or pork, (in this case it was chicken), sliced chicken, and fishballs.  The broth was lighter and delicate with a surprisingly, sweet flavor.

I missed out on eating boat noodles in Thailand, but I've been seeking it out lately.  The one thing that distinguishes it from any other Thai soup is the blood.  The murky, almost irony color, in the broth is made from blood.  A little funky, but definitely delicious.  You don't really taste the blood, but you do notice that the soup has a slightly heavier when you are slurping it.  Mixed with pork slices, fish balls, bean sprouts, and thin noodles, this soup is slurpworthy.  
Not only is the spice level pretty legit here, but the price is ridiculously cheap.  A small bowl of soup is only $3.50.

Address:                 The Original HoyKa Hollywood
                                5401 Hollywood Blvd
                                Los Angeles, CA
Type:                       Thai

Popular chomps:     HoyKa noodle soup
                                 boat noodles
                                 crispy pork ka prao with fried egg over rice

Chomp worthy:        boat noodles
                                 HoyKa noodle soup
                                 crispy pork ka prao with fried egg over rice      

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