Tara's Organic Ice Cream

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Tara's Organic Ice Cream reminds me of SF's Humphrey Slocombe (see post HERE).  They have a collection of funky flavors like Buttermilk and Yerba Mate.

An Earl Grey scoop on top of black sesame in a cup.  The Earl Grey flavor is subtle with a hint of sweetness.  Since the black sesame ice cream doesn't have as strong of a flavor as Polly Anne's, I actually liked Tara's version. 

Mint chocolate chip on top of chocolate hazelnut in a cone.  Mint chocolate chip is minty, not like artificial mint, more like straight out of the garden mint sprigs.  The chocolate hazelnuts is smooth and creamy.  Super chocolatey swirled with hazelnut flavor.

Address:                  Tara's Organic Ice Cream

                                 3173 College Ave.
                                 Berkeley, CA
Type:                        ice cream

Popular chomps:      black sesame
                                 Earl Grey    

Chomp worthy:        Earl Grey
                                 black sesame      

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