Langer's Deli

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The corner that Langer's is on reminds me a lot of SF from the screaming bums to the guy who asked me if I need a fake ID.  Even in a questionable area, people still lined up for a seat at this historical eating institution.

Served up with a pickle, the hot pastrami (#19) at Langer's is their most famous sandwich.  Supposely, only Langer's and Katz are the only two delis in America to serve hand cut pastrami slices in their sandwiches.  Had I known that I could order half sandwiches, I would have ordered their corned beef sandwich, which many consider even better than their pastrami.

This sandwich has to be one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life.  I've had Katz's version and while I think its a good sandwich, I prefer Langer's.  Everything about this sandwich is pure perfection.  Succulent and savory meat that doesn't have the usual over saltiness that I find in most pastramis.  The crunchy coleslaw has the lightest touch of mayo and offers the perfect contrast to the soft bread.  Besides how awesome the pastrami is, the bread is just amazing.  The freshly baked bread is nutty and fluffy with just the right amount of thickness.  Usually crust is an afterthought for me, but, wow, the crust has a crisp, but soft texture that's indescribably delicious. 

Address:                   Langer's Deli
                                  704 S. Alvarado St.
                                  Los Angeles, CA
Type:                         deli

Popular chomps:      #19 - pastrami on rye
                                  matzo ball soup
                                  #88 - corned beef

Chomp worthy:         #19 - pastrami on rye    

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