La Costa

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 Spanish music blasting and every table is filled with Spanish only speaking people, which I hoped was a good sign of some tasty food to come.  The shaded outside patio was a nice spot to enjoy Mexican food on a seemingly summer day. 
The cerviche de cameron (shrimp) was a little disappointing with the small chopped up shrimp.  Also, there was a meager serving of shrimp amoungst the plentiful cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.  The cerviche was pretty bland and needed all the help it could get from the Tapatio (and ketchup, if that's your thing).  The tostada did stay crisp and held well with each bite.

From right; clockwise: carnitas, carne asada, al pastor, al pastor.   While its kind of a no brainer to order something with seafood when the sign of the restaurant says mariscos (seafood), the al pastor seems pretty popular as well.  I still tried to round up the usual items: carne asada and carnitas just to cover the bases.  The carnitas was a little too tender for my taste.  No crunchy or burnt bits that make carnitas so tasty.  Same for the carne asada.  Too cooked as if the meat had never seen a grill.  Also, a tad on the salty side.  The al pastor was probably the best of the bunch.  Saucy with some flavor.  Not good enough to order again though.

Address:                     La Costa
                                   1805 Alum Rock Ave.
                                    San Jose, CA
Type:                           Mexican

Popular chomps:         al pastor
                                     cerviche de cameron tostada

Chomp worthy:           nothing    

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