Del Popolo Truck

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 Thin pizza is literally everywhere in the Bay Area, but I never get tired of trying out all the new ones.  Del Popolo is another truck I've been trying to track down for a while.  You have to really keep an eye on their website for their weekly locations.  To date (in the Bay Area, there are two pizza trucks roaming around - Del Popolo and Caseys' (see post HERE).  Casey's was not bad, but the pizza at Del Popolo deserves all of its awe inspired praises.  This isn't your ordinary food truck.  Not only is the pizza absolutely fantastic, the design of the truck is ultra cool.  Their glass window on the side of the truck allow you to peer into the pizza making operation. 

 This ricotta, olive oil, mozzerella, arugula, and rapini pizza is probably as close to a white pizza as I've seen on a artisinal thin pizza.  You need to make sure each bite has a little bit of each ingredient so you can get the whole flavor of the pizza.  Pretty amazing stuff going on here.
The standard classic of all pizzas in my book - the pizza margherita.  The foundation of all pizza is the crust.  This one hit all the right notes - charred, bubbly crust, the right amount of chewiness to the crust, globs of mozzerella, and the right amount of sweetness to tanginess in the tomato sauce.  Definitely on the top five best thin crust pizzas in the Bay Area.  Hard to believe a pizza this good came out of a truck.

Address:                  Del Popolo
                                 Various location (Bay Area)
Type:                       Italian/Pizza

Popular chomps:     margherita

Chomp worthy:        margherita   

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