Forge Pizza

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I'm all about Oakland food movement, especially reviving the Uptown and Jack London Square area so I really wanted to love this place.  The space is amazing.  Right on the waterfront in Jack London Sqaure, its the perfect outdoor area on a sunny day in Oakland.  Firepits in the outside seating area are lighted so you can even enjoy the chilly nights outside.

Fried crispy cheese curds.  Little Miss Muffet couldn't have had it any better.  These globs of cheesy goodness deep fried in a light tempura batter were just amazingly delicious.  The single best thing of this meal.  Though, the side of marinara sauce was a little bland.  I wish it had a bit of spiciness to it, but it served its purpose.

The margharita pizza came with your usual toppings: mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce.  The pizza was limp and soggy.  The ingredients along with the pizza tasted like one giant mush. 

The burger, albeit very juicy, wasn't that great.  It lacked much taste and heartiness.  The fried potato puffs on the other head took second place for best side dish of this meal.  Puffs of crisp potato with a pillowy soft center.  It reminded me of Gregiore's potato puffs, but better! (see post HERE).

Address:                      Forge Pizza
                                     66 Franklin St.
                                     Oakland, CA
Type:                            pizza

Popular chomps:         burger
                                     fried cheese curds

Chomp worthy:            fried cheese curds   

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