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Demison lies in a small unassuming strip mall in San Jose.  This small store sells a lot of knick knacks and items that I recognized from my recent trip to the Philippines.  You almost have to adjust your eyes to sort through everything in order to focus on the food at the counter.  Right next to the register is a tin pan of homemade turon and some siopao. 

With the store reminding me of an episode of Hoarders, I did have my doubts of how good a tray of turon aka banana lumpia would be.  Turon is a sweet Filipino snack made up of sliced bananas, sugar, and sometimes a piece of jackfruit.  All other turon I've had look like fried, stumpy envelopes, so this is the first I've seen as a long, thin eggroll.  Also, only banana in this one.  Surprisingly in the middle of the afternoon, the turon was hot and seemed like it was freshly cooked.  Not too oily and very crunchy.  I think I'm a fan of this style of turon.  Each bite has just the right amount of banana to crispy wrapper.

Address:                 Demison
                                1647 N. Capital Ave.
                                San Jose, CA
Type:                       Filipino

Popular chomps:     turon
Chomp worthy:        turon       

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