Banh Mi My Tho

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After my recent trip to Vietnam where I had the most amazing banh mi, I've been even more determined to find something similar in this country.  Banh Mi My Tho seems to be quite popular in SoCal.  Tiny, discretely placed in a strip mall, and very cheap.  With these checked off, it passed my first test.
All the sandwiches are less than $3 here.  Besides sandwiches, they also sell com tam (broken rice), bun (vermicelli), and banh uot (rice sheet noodles). 

First and foremost, the bread.  The long, thin baguette is similar to Lee's Sandwiches.  The bread lacks any crustiness or flavor.  The meat in the dac biet (combination), however, was delicious.  Flavorful and thinly sliced.  Still, the price and the meat doesn't make up for the bread.  Banh Mi Ba Le (see post HERE) still beats this spot.
The inside of the dac biet.  Way too much bread.

Address:                 Banh Mi My Tho
                                304 W. Valley Blvd
                                Alhambra, CA 
Type:                       Vietnamese/sandwiches

Popular chomps:      #1 - banh mi thit ngoi
                                  #2 - banh mi dac biet
                                  #3 - banh mi thit nuong         

Chomp worthy:          nothing   

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