Flour + Co.

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Flour + Co. is a newly opened bakery whose space feel light and airy, a perfect area for some springtime snacking.  All the items are freshly made and bonus points for serving Stumptown coffee!  All the item are a little on the smaller side, but that just makes for more room to taste more things. 

I had come here hoping to taste the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but they didn't have it today.  At least, they had the pretzel sandwich.  The pretzel sandwich was so creative, but I like my pretzel a little more dough and the skin a little more chewy or even toasted.  Somehow this one fell somewhere in the middle of all that.  There is not much bready insides to this pretzel. Made with cheese, bacon, and tiny dots of marmalade.  It gave an unexpected combo of sweet, salty, and savory.

With two savory and one sweet housemade poptarts, the one that screamed eat me was the nutella, banana, and nuts.  Nutella being the key ingredient to sway me over.  As with all things nutella, you can never go wrong.  Rich with little bits of banana flavor to cut through the chocolate hazelnut flavor, I only wished the pastry was a little flakier. 

The $5 toast and coffee combo has a choice between cinnamon swirl bread or wheat bread with jam or peanut butter.  With a toast resurgence happening all over the city, I was a little disappointed with this cinnamon toast.  I wished it was a thicker slice instead of the machine cut standard sliced bread.  Also the cinnamon toast didn't have much cinnamon flavor and tasted a bit dry.  The berry jam, however, was delicious and reminded of the fruity, housemade jam at Outerlands (see post HERE).

Address:                   Flour + Co.
                                  1030 Hyde St.
                                  San Francisco, CA

Type:                         bakery

Popular chomps:       biscuits and gravy
                                   egg and bacon sandwich
                                   tasty tart with nutella, banana, and nuts
                                   bacon scallion biscuit
                                   peanut butter and jelly sandwich                                 
                                   pretzel sandwich
                                   monkey bread

Chomp worthy:         tasty tart with nutella, banana, and nuts        

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