Front Cafe

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Front Cafe is minimalistic coffee finally done somewhere other than the Mission or SOMA.  On a sunny day, they put picnic tables outside.  It makes a great place to sit and bask in the sun with some coffee.

The cold brew coffee here doesn't come cheap.  At $4.75, this cold brewed coffee is pour over a big block of ice and served in a mason jar (I'm a sucker for drinks served in mason jars).  The price of the coffee includes the $1 cost for the mason jar, so if you bring it back you get a $1 off the coffee so really the price isn't too bad.  The coffee is cold and smooth with a bite to it. 

Address:                  Front Cafe
                                 150 Mississippi St.
                                 San Francisco, CA 
Type:                        coffee

Popular chomps:      cold brewed coffee
Chomp worthy:        cold brewed coffee

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