Frozen Kuhsterd

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Frozen Kuhsterd is another one of those food trucks that I've been absolutely dying to eat at.  Supposedly, they make an appearance at the SOMA food truck park, but I've never been lucky enough to come across it there. 

The frozen custard comes in a variety of flavors and change frequently.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Cereal Milk) was smooth and creamy, like a proper frozen custard should be.  It tastes just like the leftover milk in the cereal bowl with punches of cinnamon and sugar soaked in.  With a scoop of frozen custard, you can choose 1 topping, which I appropriately choose cinnamon toast crunch.  There's nothing like some cereal milk ice cream topped with cinnamon toast crunch cereal to bring back memories of your childhood.
Originally, I had promised myself only the frozen custard, but got totally sold when I saw the frozen custard sandwich made with Dynamo Donuts.  Maple bacon donut sandwiched between a scoop of cereal milk ice cream and, for more added crunch, cinnamon toast crunch cereal bits.  Salty, sweet, and crunchy, all components to make a perfect dessert.

Address:                   Frozen Kuhsterd
                                  various locations
                                  San Francisco/Bay Area
Type:                         food truck/ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:       cinnamon toast crunch
                                   Thai tea custard
                                   black sesame
                                   soju soaked boba topping

Chomp worthy:         cinnamon toast crunch      

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