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From the one type of pizza that differs every day to the live music, even down to the "slivers" of pizza given with every order, Sliver echos Cheeseboard (see post HERE) almost entirely in downtown Berkeley.  The only thing that differs is the full bar and the legit seating area.

Cucumber, mint and strawberry flavored water is sweet, refreshing, and delicious.  Funky beverages like mojitos served in coconuts and beers on tap are also thirst quenching options.

With a similar pizza concept to Cheeseboard, fresh, seasonal ingredients changed daily, its hard not to love this pizza.  Even the straw trays were similar to that of Cheeseboard's.  Today's pizza was roma tomatoes, mozzarella, asiago, red onions, and cilantro.  Tomatoes were super fresh and tasted like they were just plucked from the garden.  The mozzarella gave the pizza a gooey, stringiness.  Yum!  The crust did taste slightly different than Cheeseboard's, maybe even more flavorful with a crispier crust.

A dish of green sauce is optional to eat with you pizza.  Although the cilantro sauce is delicious, I think it detracts from the freshness of the ingredients of the pizza.

Address:                   Sliver
                                  2132 Center St.
                                  Berkeley, CA 
Type:                        pizza

Popular chomps:      daily pizza

Chomp worthy:        daily pizza     

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