The Donut Man

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The Donut Man is this little hut located on Route 66 in the middle of nowhere.  Driving up to this tiny donut cottage, you can smell the fresh donuts.

Open 24 hours and cash only, the donut man is mostly known for their fruit filled donuts.  They aren't your ordinary fruit filled donuts.  The donuts are filled with actual fruit!  Their two most popular are peach and strawberry, which vary depending on the fruit season.  This time (March) around only strawberry was available.

Other fruit filled donuts, like apple and lemon, are available all year round.

The apple filling of the apple donut looked like preserved diced up apples in a thick, sweet syrup. 

The lemon filled was more of a thick lemon custard.  More on the sweet side than on the tart side.

The strawberry donut was my sole reason for coming to this place.  Giant strawberries beautifully placed inside of a donut cut almost in half.  It's hard to really taste the sweetness of the actual strawberry since its doused in a glaze, but it was still yummy.  Obviously, you have to eat some of the strawberries before really sinking your teeth into this strawberry donut sandwich. 

The tiger tail was a cute twist on a twist.  A thin chocolate "stripe"was mixed into a regular glazed twist.   A unique idea, but I couldn't taste much of the chocolate flavor.

The twist, which has always been my main go to when ordering a donut as a kid.  As with all the other donuts, the donuts here are on the chewy side versus having a fluffy texture, which I prefer.

Address:                 The Donut Man
                                915 E. Rt 66
                                Glendora, CA

Type:                       donut/dessert

Popular chomps:     strawberry donut (seasonal)
                                 peach donut (seasonal)
                                 tiger tail    

Chomp worthy:        strawberry donut        

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