Oh! Taisho - NY

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Oh! Taisho located in East Village (St. Marks/Astor)
One of my regular izakaya spots in New York.  The cramped basement with smokey flavors wafting in the air reminds me of Japan.

combination plate with chicken skin, chicken meatballs, duck
 Served immediate once it comes off the grill.  Hot, and tender - the perfect salty bites to complement a cold beer.

a proper okinomiyaki
Often referred to as a seafood pancake.  I loved the way they make their okinomiyakis here.  Soft and fluffy with bits of seafood mixed in.  Also, topped with yummy kewpi mayonnaise

yaki onigiri
Always the ending dish of my izakaya meals.  This was was grilled to perfection.  Crispy exterior with little burnt kernals of rice mixed with the salty taste of the soy sauce.

Verdict:                    Love this place.  Try everything. Its a lot more fun after 10p although you will have to fight
                                        the  crowds.

Address:                   Oh! Taisho 
                                         9 St. Marks Pl 
                                         New York, NY 10003

Type:                           Japanese, izakaya

Chomp worthy:  everything

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