Banh Dui Ga food cart (Saigon, Vietnam)

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There are so many street vendors all over Saigon, a lot more than I've seen in even Thailand.  The types of street vendors are endless here with often different vendors selling different food in the same location, but different times of the day.  One of the more odd ones was this deep fried stand that sold all sorts of fried goodies. 

The most familiar looking was the yau tiu (Chinese donuts).  Normally, I don't eat these plain and prefer to dip them in bowl of congee, but I couldn't resist the delicious smell coming from this cart.  At around five cents USD, it made for a nice snack on the way back from lunch.  The yau tiu was fried super fresh without much oiliness.

Address:                 Banh Dui Ga food cart
                                Saigon, Vietnam
Type:                       food cart

Popular chomps:     yau tiu   
                                 banh dui ga
Chomp worthy:       yau tiu        

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