The Table

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Brunching in the South Bay lead me to The Table.  The rustic decor with wooden tables and chairs and a rotating menu reminds me a little of restaurants in the city.

Its a no brainer to see the fried chicken with cheddar biscuits on a menu and not order it.  The server even confirmed its one of the most popular dishes here.  While the crust was a little too well fried for my taste, the chicken inside was really juicy.  Though, I wasn't too crazy about the cheddar biscuit.  A bit too dense and dry.  A small splatter of gravy was present on the plate, but I love a good gravy drenched biscuit and that just wasn't so here.  A boat of extra gravy served on the side would have really helped this dish and the cheddar biscuit.

For the most part I prefer my food fresh and seasonal, but when it comes to corned beef hash I do have a guilty pleasure of loving the stuff that comes out of the can.  The corned beef at The Table is some of the best corned beef I've had in a long time.  Thick cubes of tender and flavorful corned beef mixed with seasonal vegetables and topped with a perfect poached egg. 
Address:                    The Table
                                   1110 Willow St.
                                   San Jose, CA
Type:                          American

Popular chomps:        Fried Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit
Chomp worthy:           corned beef hash   

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