Sweets Raku

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Sweet Raku is very similar to New York's Chikalicious (see post HERE).  The concept is built off a restaurant that serves only desserts and focuses on a tasting menu of desserts that changes frequently.  Similar to Chikalicious, they don't take reservations and seat on a first come first serve basis.  I only noticed a line after 9p. 

The restaurant is mostly counter seating so you can watch desserts being plated as you enjoy your food.

This restaurant is so cute and whimsical.  Each menu is served to you on a plate.

Both the sugar menu holder as well as the menu are edible.  After choosing your dessert course, a raspberry dipping sauce is poured on your plate for you to dip your menu in to eat.  The raspberry sauce is so delicious.  You can really taste the freshness of the fruit.  The menu doesn't have much taste, but it is fun to eat.

The first course starts off with a mango sorbet and mint jelly. 

One of the dessert options was the Angel Cream, which is made up of fromage and pears.  The dessert is just as light and fluffy as it looks.  Each spoonful just melts in your mouth like powdered snow.

Another dessert option is the Marriage which is a mix of strawberry and banana.  Bits of strawberry and banana flavors are hidden all over the plate for a not too sweet dessert.

The petit four course is a chocolate cake surrounded by passion fruit marshmallow, raspberry marshmallow, and alcohol infused raisins.  The tartness of the marshmallow and raisins cut through the chocolate very nicely.

Ordinarily, a chocolate molten lava cake would be too rich for me, but the chocolate choice they use is not sweet at all.  Instead, its a very intense chocolate taste surrounded by a moist chocolate cake.

Address:                    Sweets Raku
                                   5040 Spring Mountain Rd. Ste 3
                                   Las Vegas, NV
Type:                         desserts

Popular chomps:       prix fixe menu

Chomp worthy:          prix fixe menu     

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