Viva Las Arepas

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Ever since I took a bite of that fantastic arepa at Mr Pollo in San Francisco (see post HERE) I've been on the search for another one that's just as good.  Viva Las Arepas is a bit of a trek outside of the main Strip, but its menu full of arepas tempted me to its location in the middle of no where.  Although I was here for the arepas, I did notice a couple of people ordered the roasted chicken, which looked and smelled so good.

Normally I wouldn't go gaga over a sauce, but I have to say that the sauces here are a must add to the arepas.  Both the hot sauce (red) and a cilantro mayo (yellow) together are very much a necessity when eating these arepas. 

Reina pepiada arepa is an arepa stuffed with a chicken and avocado salad.  While I loved the crisp outside of the arepa, the chicken salad wasn't very flavorful.  Only after adding both sauces did it even taste good.

The wood fired beef arepa was the best of the three arepas, but that's not saying too much.  This was the only one of the three that had any flavor. 

Similar to the chicken arepa, the shredded pork butt arepa lacked any flavor.  Both the meat and arepa were good really well, but again, the sauces were needed to give this arepa some flavor.  None were wow worthy enough to drag me back to this really obscure location.

Address:                    Viva Las Arepas
                                   1616 S. Las Vegas Blvd
                                   Las Vegas, NV

Type:                          Venezuelan

Popular chomps:        pork butt arepa
                                   shredded beef arepa
                                   reina pepiada arepa
                                   wood fire beef arepa
                                   wood fire chicken arepa

Chomp worthy:          wood fire beef arepa      

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