Wicked Spoon

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Its been forever since I've been to a Las Vegas buffet, or even a regular buffet.  With all the amazing restaurants both on the Strip and off Strip, its hard to feel like you want to stuff your face with buffet food.  However, after many many raves of Wicked Spoon, I made it an absolute must eat this time around.  Since it had been a while since I'd been to a buffet, I was a little shocked at how expensive it was.
The concept of Wicked Spoon is really cute.  Small dishes and little bites of savory and sweet items are displayed all over, but I was actually expecting to see more options than what was offered.

The whipped salmon and creme fraiche was sort of like the salmon cornets that I had got at French Laundry, but not as savory.  Still it was fun to eat and something different than what you would see at a normal buffet.

The wicked juice was sweet and came in small containers that was good for one serving size.

The Asian food like white rice, noodles, and Korean rice cakes came in a small Chinese take out container, which surprisingly had the perfect serving size.  Just enough to get a couple bites in without feeling too full, but too bad the food was super greasy.
The fried chicken was the best item of the buffet by far.  Each wire basket (that I swear is the same french fry basket at Father's Office - see post HERE) had two pieces of super crunchy and juicy fried chicken.  The batter was well seasoned and full of flavor.

As all buffets go, there was are a lot of sweets to choose from.  All sorts of goodies from cookies, gelato, cakes, and pies.  Most of the desserts didn't seem that appetizing to me and the ones that I did nibble on were too sweet for my taste.  Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the whole buffet adventure.

Address:                    Wicked Spoon
                                   The Cosmopolitan 
                                   Las Vegas, NV
Type:                          buffet

Popular chomps:        fried chicken
                                    bone marrow

Chomp worthy:          fried chicken  

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