Pho Kim Long Restaurant

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 Pho Kim Long is a widely popular pho restaurant in San Jose.  At lunchtime you can often see lines out the door for those waiting to warm their tummies with a bowl of pho.  Although the line looks long, it goes rather fast.  They churn out the bowls at a remarkable rate.

The spring rolls here are pretty standard.  A couple of shrimp, some vermicelli noodles, and a mixture of lettuce, mint, and basil are all wrapped in a rice paper and dipped in their peanut sauce.  I like to put a little of sriracha in my peanut sauce to give a little kick.

Most people will tell you to come to Pho Kim Long for their chicken pho, but another popular bowl is their bun bo hue.  When the weather starts getting chilly, I start craving for a big bowl of soup and a bowl of spicy bun bo hue always hits the spot.  To me, the bun bo hue is just okay and not rave worthy.  I think the broth is much too light and lacks that perfect combination of spicy, sour, and sweet.  They do fill the bowl with more meat than most places.

The plate of herbs and lettuce for the bun bo hue is one of the skimpier ones I've seen, but that's fine since I prefer my bun bo hue quite basic.

The chicken pho is what they are most known for here.  Its the Southern style of chicken pho with the thinner vermicelli noodles and large chunks of chicken ( you can request it without skin and boneless).  The broth is light and comforting, but I still prefer the taste and preparation at Turtle Tower ( see post HERE),

The "aromatics" (as the Asian fusion restaurants like to call them) were made up of beansprouts, jalapeno peppers, and basil.  Overall, a typical Southern style plate of add on, but I do prefer extra jalapenos in my chicken pho.

Address:                     Pho Kim Long Restaurant
                                    2082 N. Capital Ave.
                                    San Jose, CA

Type:                           Vietnamese

Popular chomps:         chicken pho
                                     bun bo hue 
Chomp worthy:            nothing                

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