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Las Vegas has a pretty decent sized population of Hawaiians so I was pleased to see a place like Poke Express, which sells a variety of pokes.   

I'm one of those people who absolutely love poke, but am much too lazy to make it for myself so when I see it available I need to eat alot of it.  Even though the Bay Area is home to many Hawaiian (specifically South Bay), we definitely don't have (but desperately need!) something like Poke Express.  Limu is the Hawaiian name for seaweed so limu poke is a mixture of ahi tuna and bits of seaweed. 

Spicy combo poke was my favorite.  Thin slices of cucumber and onion added a nice crunch to the mix of ahi tuna, salmon, and tako (octopus) along with sriacha and mayo.  Super good.

Huge chunks of fresh salmon made this salmon poke one of my favorite pokes.

Spicy ahi tuna is made of ahi tuna and a mixture of sriacha sauce and mayo.  This one is more on the creamy side than on the spicy side.

Address:                   Poke Express
                                  655 W. Craig Rd. Ste 118
                                  Las Vegas, NV
Type:                         Hawaiian

Popular chomps:       spicy ahi
                                   tako poke
                                   kim chee tako
                                   ahi shoyu

Chomp worthy:          salmon poke
                                   spicy combo  

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