Top 10 chomps of 2013

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2013 is over!  Its that time again to reflect on all the yummy eats I've had over the past year.  Lots of eating and good travels.  This year was filled food from domestic trips to LA, and New York.  I discovered a lot of great eats overseas in the Philippines and Vietnam.  Also, I finally got to eat at The French Laundry, a foodie's mecca (see post HERE). 

My 2013 chomps (in no particular order):
Crawfish Grits from Rickybobby (San Francisco, CA). 
Even though, I ate this pretty early on in 2013, I still can't stop thinking about how delicious it was.  I constantly tell people to eat this now!  Its one bowl that I would happily lick so every single drop of it was devoured.

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Pastrami sandwich #19 from Langer's Deli (Los Angeles, CA). 
With a red carpet and its appearance in every tourist and LA guide available, its easy to think that this place could be a tourist trap.  However, one bite of the #19 made me a believer.  There aren't enough words to describe how perfect this sandwich is.  From the flavorful, fluffy bread to the juicy, not too salty, chunks of pastrami.  Tourists and locals alike rave at how awesome this sandwich is and now I can agree, it is THAT good.

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Dac Biet Banh Mi from Banh Mi Huynh Hoa (Saigon, Vietnam). 
It took me a trip all the way to Vietnam to find the banh mi of my dreams.  The dac biet banh mi at Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is the most heavenly banh mi I've ever had.  I never thought a banh mi could taste so light and airy with just the right amount of sweet and savory.  The only downfall was only ordering one of them.

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Sicilian square at Di Fara (Brooklyn, New York).    
Di Fara is another one of those old institutions that I got to check off my list this year.  After many trips to New York, I finally decided to bite the bullet and take the train out to Brooklyn and lucked out on only a 40 minute wait for this slice.  It had all the makings of something that would just eek a possible hyped reaction out of me, but it was so good I was just dumbfounded that it took me this long to make it out here.  After many, many slices (even my preference for thin slices), I have to admit this Sicilian square is a masterpiece.  Its quite possibly the best slice I've had in my life. 

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Goat's milk gelato at Bulgarini Gelato (Pasadena, CA). 
Up to this point I'd always thought San Francisco had better ice cream and gelato than Los Angeles, then I stumbled upon Bulgarini Gelato.  The location is so discrete, it causes you to question how good could it possibly be.  Enjoying a scoop of the goat milk gelato with pretty much no one in sight makes you feel like you've discovered a secret treasure that no one else knows about.  The goat milk is so fresh that you can practically taste the grass that the goat ate.

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Kouign Amounn at B. Patisserie (San Francisco, CA)
I never thought the day would come when my beloved Tartine Bakery could possibly be dethroned.  No lines, available pastries, and seating are just the frosting on the cake at this delightful bakery.  Kouign amounns have recently become some of my favorite pastries so much so that the name easily rolls off my tongue without hesitation.  The kouign amounns here are what other kouign amouns aspire to be - warm to the touch, flaky with just the right amount of sticky caramel coating. 

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Boat Noodles from Zen Yai Thai (San Francisco, CA).  
The boat noodles are on the secret menu written in Thai, but just uttering the words boat noodles to the server signals the beginning of a harmonious journey where all sweet, spicy, and savory live in together in a glorious bowl. 

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Salmon cornets at The French Laundry (Yountville, CA).  
Its almost a sin not to put something from The French Laundry on my top 10.  The salmon cornets are easily the most shoutable dish for me.  The playful ice cream presentation is savory enough to make your mouth water for more.  The mini serving makes you both angry and excited at the same time.  The only thing its left me wondering is how many can I eat before I get sick of them.

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Paletas at Los Manguitos (Redwood City, CA).  
I've learned a new Spanish word and I'll remember it forever thanks to Los Manguitos.  Its paletas - popsicles.  The fruit popsicles are so beautifully crafted and delicious its sure to make any poster on instagram and pinterest jealous.  Not just some fruit juice frozen on a stick, one lick and you can imagine you are on a island with tropical breezes flowing through your hair.

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sliced mangos in Boracay, PI (Boracay, Philippines).  
Its a little cheating since I haven't yet posted my picture of the Philippines, but I can't put this list together without a mention of the mangos I had in the Philippines.  While I'm fully aware and in awe of how much juicier and sweeter fruit is in Asia, I was not prepared for how much better the mangos would be in the Philippines.  From the local markets to the vendors selling them in bags on the street, each mango was poster child for what a ripe fruit should taste like.  When the world ends, you'll find me on an island eating these mangos. 

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