Lunch Lady (Saigon, Vietnam)

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The Lunch Lady is sort of huge tourist attraction, especially after appearing on Anthony Bourdain's show.  Supposedly huge buses drop tourists off to taste her soups, but most of the diners I saw were locals. 

There is a different dish served every day of the week. 

Today's dish is hu tieu nam vang.  Fresh shrimp topped with ground pork, a quail egg, and chewy noodles complete this hearty bowl of soup.

Fresh cut chilis and lime wedges for extra kick.

Herbs such as can tau (Chinese celery) and lettuce are provided for you to add to your soup.


Address:                    The Lunch Lady (Nguyen Thi Thanh)
                                    23 Hoang Sa St.
                                    District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Type:                           Vietnamese

Popular chomps:        soup of the day

Chomp worthy:          soup of the day       

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