Saigon, Vietnam Travel Diary

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It's no surprise that this year I made a short trip to Vietnam's capital city of Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) since Vietnamese food has slowly crept up to being one of my favorite foods to eat.  It made more sense to try it first hand in the motherland.  After having scoured the city eating at a handful of street vendors and restaurants, I have to say this is one of my favorite eating cities of all my world travels.  Whether it be the super hospitable people who genuinely want you to enjoy their food, the 50 cent (USD) bowls of pho to the insane amount of street vendors (more than I've ever seen anywhere), I learned the hard way its very difficult to eat everything you want in one trip.   
photo 1 - view from my hotel in District 1
photo 2 - motobike madness at night in one of the major intersections in Saigon
photo 3- a hilarious exercise machine located in the outskirts of a park.  A few minutes after seeing this, I did see an older grandmother using it quite seriously.
photo 4 - night market right outside of Ben Thanh market

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