Cafe Rosalena

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While I do love burritos, I'm not usually one for breakfast burritos, but a little birdie told me that I must try this place.  Cafe Rosalena a hidden gem that apparently everyone in San Jose seems to know about.  Literally on a empty street in a less busy area of town, this small cafe is filled with people ordering one thing - their breakfast burritos.  Its so popular that many people opt to forgo the wait and call their order in for pickup. 

Similar to another San Jose famous taqueria, La Victoria's, they have their own "orange sauce".  The flavor has hints of smokiness and a squirt between each bite is a commonality amongst all the diners here.

Knowing full well the holidays are amongst us, a "lighter" breakfast burrito, the veggie, was throw into the mix.  A thin flour tortilla surrounding a mixture of fluffy eggs, avocado, diced potatoes, and melted cheese.  Usually burritos can be overwhelming to eat and have a "should I finish it all" moment at the 3/4 mark, this burrito was the perfect size for a single sit down serving.  While the veggie burrito had all the markings of all my favorite breakfast ingredients, the flavor was just okay. 

The chorizo and bacon burrito (avocado is an add on) was a different story.  Each bite was bursting with flavor from the meats.  A huge contrast from the veggie burrito.  The meats definitely make this breakfast burrito a winner.  Another great thing I (and any burrito eater) noticed was the amounts of each ingredients were well distributed through the burrito.

Address:                    Cafe Rosalena
                                   1077 The Alameda
                                   San Jose, CA
Type:                          Mexican/cafe

Popular chomps:        breakfast burritos

Chomp worthy:           chorizo and bacon breakfast burrito

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