85 Degrees Bakery Cafe

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The Taiwanese bakery 85C has finally opened a branch in Northern California.  A massive line has hungry customers waiting approximately 30 minutes to up to an hour just to get inside the store to purchase their baked goods.

Similar to chains like Paris Baguette (see post HERE) and Kee Wah (see post HERE), the shelves are filled with all sorts of sweet and savory goodies.
Besides their bakery items, 85 Degrees is known for their drinks, specifically their sea salt drinks.  The sea salt coffee is sealed up like a boba drink and then you shake it and drink up.  The sea salt coffee tastes like a sweet mocha drink with a tiny hint of salt.
The milk pudding bread was my favorite of all my pickings.  The softest, fluffiest of the bunch with a sweet condensed milk type filling on the inside.

The garlic bread was a little dry and stale tasting.

The french cheese was a soft French bread topped with cheddar cheese, garlic, and Parmesan cheese.  It was better tasting than the garlic bread.

The cheese bread was topped with shredded cheese and filled with cream cheese.  This would probably be my second favorite.

It seems to always be a must to get anything with hot dogs in an Asian bakery, but the cheese dog was disappointing with the bread somewhat hard in texture.

Premium milk was a sweet bread, but still lacked that special oomph I love so much in Asian breads.

While most of the breads here I've eaten in some form or another at other Asian bakeries, this calamari stick was one that I've never seen before.  I wasn't expecting this squid ink based bread to be tasty.  The sweet bread was comboed nicely with the garlic spread and mozzarella cheese.

The hot dog & cheese made for another disappointing hot dog bread here.

The chocolate chip bowl reminded me so much of an armadillo.  This one wasn't very tasty at all and after a couple bites I abandoned it.

The sweet toast here is probably some of the worst I've had.  Neither sweet, nor fluffy, it was super disappointing. 

The seasonal pumpkin dessert was a little too creamy for me.  The pumpkin was more of an Asian pumpkin rather than the pumpkin found in pumpkin pie.
Overall, I still prefer Paris or Kee Wah to this bakery.  The bread isn't as soft, fluffy, or tasty, even though the bakery items seem to be refilled quite frequently.

Address:                   85 Degrees Bakery Cafe
                                  35201 Newark Blvd
                                  Newark, CA 
Type:                         bakery

Popular chomps:       sea salt coffee
Chomp worthy:          milk pudding bread 
                                   cheese bread

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