Banh Bo Sua Nuong (Dessert cart) (Saigon, Vietnam)

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After having a bowl of hu tieu from the Lunch Lady, I desperately needed something sweet.  The best thing about Saigon is there are food carts everywhere you turn.  Literally a dessert cart with the sweet smell of coconut was just around the corner.

The vendor made the banh bo sua nuong fresh even though there were a couple already sitting out.  Banh bo sua nuong is made with coconut milk and grilled in a small pan. 

The chewy texture with burnt outside edges remind me a lot of my favorite Hong Kong sweet street snack, eggettes. 

Address:                 banh bo sua nuong cart
                                around the corner from the Lunch Lady
                                Saigon, Vietnam
Type:                       Vietnamese

Popular chomps:      banh bo sua nuong

Chomp worthy:        banh bo sua nuong   

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