Cafe St. Jorge

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Cafe St. Jorge is a surprise, but pleasant welcome to the Bernal Heights neighborhood.  I came in hoping that I would be able to find some of the yummy goodies that I ate in Portugal, specifically pasteis de nata (see post HERE).  It was a little disappointing that by noon most of the Portuguese pastries and dishes were all sold out! 

The inside of this cafe is just perfect.  Its light and spacious, but quiet enough for laptop squatters.
Stumptown cold brew is starting to become one of my go to cold coffees and its seems like its starting to become available at a lot more cafes in the city. 
Cafe St. Jorge also makes fresh blended juices.  The orange sumo is made with fresh pressed oranges, bananas, and ice.  Very, very light tasting, but not sure if I would order this again.
Hipster toast is all the rage these days from Trouble to The Mill (see post HERE).  This cafe as a small toast menu, but the avocado toast was the menu standout for me and one of the few savory toast I've seen.  A toasted thick cut slice of bread slathered with a thick layer of avocado, lemon juice and sprinkled with chili flakes and sea salt.  It tastes pretty much like what it sounds mostly avocado and bread with a slight spicy kick.  I really liked the chili flakes, which I may have to steal when I make myself an avocado sandwich, but I wish the bread was toasted more.
The standard hipster toast seems to be the cinnamon raisin bread with butter and cinnamon sugar.  I still prefer Trouble's toast (see post HERE) over all the hipster toasts I've tried so far.  Cafe St Jorge's was a little too dry and it needs more butter and cinnamon sugar.

Address:                   Cafe St. Jorge
                                  3438 Mission St.
                                  San Francisco, CA
Type:                         Portuguese/cafe

Popular chomps:       avocado toast
                                   tosta mista

Chomp worthy:          avocado toast     

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Cafe St. Jorge said...

Thank you so much for stopping in. I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

We are still working on keeping up with demand of the Portuguese pastries and I think after our first month of being open we have it down! We never anticipated such amazing support!
Please stop by again soon and try some pastries - we have pasteis de nata every day now.

Also, we will be taking off our house made cinnamon toast, but coming up with an even tastier solution.

Please stop in soon and say hi!

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